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Video Work - Film Extra and Feature Work

Film Extra Work

I have been working as a supporting artist / Film Extra / Background Actor for nearly two decades alongside other work. This is only occasional days work but has got me on many film and television shoots, seeing how sets and other film work is done.

In most cases I will just be seen for a split second or a body part will be and not recognisable. Many times I’m don’t get to see the TV show, commercial or see myself in the film. Here are a few examples were I’m seen more clearly, including ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’. Note I also had a hand in the fight choreography in the Part - T - One Video.

Music Video - Feature - Dancing Zombie

Two of Several 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' Appearances in the Lineups

Goodness Gracious Me - Walk On

Some of the Characters Played

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