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Merlin's Armoury - Swords

Sword Class

The main product sold whilst running Merlin’s Armoury were sword class Live Action Role Playing latex fantasy weapons. The most popular being the Japanese katana type (Minus the curve on the blade) as these were comfortable in the hand but more important tougher, more shiny, metallic and colourful, lighter, stiffer, better balanced and faster to use than many sword products produced by my competitors at the time. The tips (A common fail point) were also developed to be stronger with reinforcement. This gave my clients a competitive advantage in their mock combat games and thus built my reputation and demand.

Fencing sabre type sword were also requested and some here were client commissions to their sketches. I also provided a repair and customise service fixing and upgrading products produced by my competitors. At the time managed to copy a few from films pausing the video whilst in college.

Please note many are very old photos, or cut up photos, even some images scanned from damaged photocopies if those where the only records of the items. These may have had to be heavily photoshoped to clear them up.


Swords and daggers pretty much have the same basic construction.
  • From sketch ideas to cutting out the foam, glass reinforced plastic tubes/rods.

  • Gluing together the blanks with reinforcing panels and rip stop nylon over the tips.

  • Cutting and power filling to shape.

  • Painting latex and acrylic layers.

  • Finishing with a grip in this cane glued and wrapped webbing.

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