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SFX Makeup / Prosthetics - Goblin

Goblin DIY Prosthetic 1st Attempt for Halloween

Not only did I win the Halloween costume at the Feet First Pop Punk night, the bouncers pretty much said nobody was beating that as I entered the door, long term mates had no idea who I was and were stunned the find out and one regular who had enjoyed the odd LSD tab at times ran off the dance floor thinking I was real or a flashback.

This was the first real go I had at DIY prosthetics using Copydex glue as a substitute latex blending with cotton wool, some prosthetic ears and a nose, acrylic paint and hairspray plus an attempt at a condom stomach wound. The goblin was a few hours work on myself, was lots of fun till I learn the importance of shaving arms first when trying to remove what had been applied directly to skin. Fairly painful lesson.

Goblin 2

Recycled what was left after removing the goblin prosthetics and added a lower half for the next year.
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