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About Me

About Me - Chris Rose

The Video CV above gives a good snapshot of what I am all about and both hairstyles below are current, it simply depends of what day of the week it is. I had seen many video CVs, most of which involved simply talking to camera so chose to do something more exciting and personal.

  • Part Creative.
  • Part Technical.

  • Part Alternative.

  • Part Adventurous.

  • Part Progressive.

  • Part Fun and Outgoing.

  • Strategic.

  • Detailed Thinking.

Not appropriate but instead:

  • Literal.

  • Specific.

  • Factual.

  •  Realistic.

  • Open Minded.

  • Logical and Rational.

  •  I put in the effort to create the best looking I can.

  •  I design things to be easy to use, not to wind people up, such as all corporate branding, but no practical use. For example on a website contact details would be easy to find rather than useless FAQs, various postage options should be upfront before credit card details etc.

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