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Prop Weapon - Caveman Club - Construction

Construction of Caveman Club for
University Caveman Club Night

This is really and extension of the Merlin's Armoury mace section but I thought this should be on its own. This club was made more recently whilst at Brunel university for a caveman club night to get the best fancy dress prop.

The gallery below shows techniques used to construct similar items from :

  • Basic concept design sketches.

  • Cutting out basic foam and rod components.

  • Adding in reinforcing cross-rods for the hand guard.

  • Squaring the rod with for corner foam parts down the shaft.

  • Building the inner foam body up with up with Plastazote foam and contact glue.

  • Adding the hand guard foam.

  • Adding the top and bottom base foam caps. 

  • Building up the outer softer furniture foam shell and spikes.

  • Painting the body.

  • Painting the outer texture and adding fake fur grip.

  • Accessorising with a costume to go with it with some dirty up make up.
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