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Squirt Pursuit

Squirt Pursuit Concept

This was one of several projects done to impress or that are requested as a test of ability to bring to job interviews. As such there is only a couple of days or less to come up with the concept, sketch develop, ideate, start on CAD etc which is why they are not fully developed. The CAD packages used here were Solidworks and Keyshot as the renderer.

The Squirt Pursuit game concept was designed for an interview with Hasbro Toys. It was intended as a board game race with spaces that have a variety of bonuses and penalties that skip goes send you back or forth with dice and counters all very bog standard. The centre piece is a card reading multiple choice quiz machine/computer that controls a water squirting device.

The system has been left open for a theme or merchandising to be added such as one based on a film, animated feature, movie/book franchise or simply a peeing pet etc. This can be used to set the game story line, appearance and game journey spots.

The primary fun is the risk element and hopeful suspense hoping your mates get water blasted and soaked. The water could be swapped for a safe slime or foam, such as an eye, mouth and clothes safe brown foam simulating poop, snotty sneeze slime, vomit or a puppy cocking a leg and peeing. Kids like gross stuff, more so them mates being on the receiving end of it. 

A hand air pump which is connected to a water tank. The tank is 2 thirds filled with water the air pumped inside up by players till a pressure gauge or armed signal is given. The water does not compress but the air does acting much like a spring pushing the water out of the exit port into a flexible tube connected to an outlet nozzle. This is directed to the current player.

Along the exit tube between the tank and nozzle is a valve. This works the same as someone stepping on a hose to hold back the water pressure, in a water gun it’s a sprung trigger pinch. In this system it’s a bolt that a spring pulls or pushes against the flexible hose pinching it closed to hold in the pressurised water. The other end of the bolt is in a solenoid. (An electrically magnetised wire coil.)

An electronic card reader or random quiz computer asks a multiple choice question. Three wrong and one right answer. If the player picks correctly there is some action such as a tone, light or mechanical action depending on the theme. If the wrong answer the solenoid is powered releasing the valve holding in the pressurised water and it blasts out of the nozzle into the face of the player.When electricity flows through the coil it creates a
magnetic pull stronger than the springs. This pulls the bolt away from the tube opening it out so the pressurised water can be pushed by the air pressure through the tube out of the nozzle. This is just like when the trigger is pulled on a water gun.
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