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Graphics - Adcepts

Gillette Brand Stretch Adcept

This was one of the adcepts created for a brand stretch assignment in 2 stages.

Stage one was to research the history of the brand and company, where it came from to understand where it will be going. To understand its values, image, its style, its technology so it can be used to predict where the brand can move forward.
Gillette is about leading top of the range blade technology, successful alpha man hood, it is futuristic, about power, energy, speed and its slick.
The concept I came up with combined imagery from the Tron Legacy, with a futuristic super powerful motorcycles, high technology outfits and alpha male with female.

Looking at this made me think that a bike like this minus the light wall behind would be an ideal brand stretch into other products. Super powerful super high technology bikes would very much fit the bran values of Gillette.  The imagry and style also very much fits it. The full project very much worked with it.

Electric Car Promotion Adcept

University assignment to promote the use and purchase of electric cars. My approach was to steer clear of trying to preach to the converted basis of discussing the ecology or technology.

Also to avoid use of cars like Fiat Multipla or single seater or other impractical wacky cars and simply find a sports car that happened to be electric and push it I a similar manner to any sports car in terms of how fast it can go.

The message being that electric cars are not inferior, boring or weird but as cool as any other only cheaper to run and eco as a bonus.

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