Concepts_Henchman's Muzzle

Muzzle for Horror Movie 'Sinister Fetish Violent Henchman'

The brief here was for a sinister, threatening, fetish influenced, muzzle on an evil voodoo sexual cult leader gang thug henchman for a low budget horror film. It had to look roughly made up and convey menace and power. These were sketch ideation trying to match what the director wanted. Mock-ups were made with duct tape, twisted metal rods, silver sprayed hessian and foam teeth and spike/claws. The project was left before budget was allotted to realise this into a real prop.
Some photo montage and rough mock ups were also created to get more of a feel of the designs. The mocks ups simulated leather or PVC using duct tape, and bones or teeth with painted Silk, block yellow foam, some coated in foil to show potential metal spikes and blades that a henchman could use defensively in a fight and also to injure or kill with a mock kiss of headbutt.

Inspiration and Influence Research

Influence and inspiration came from visits to sex and fetish shops, Imortan Joe from Max Max Fury Road, Predator, Twisty the Clown from the American Horror Story TV show, the Dread Doctor characters from the TV show Teen Wolf, the man turning machine in Japanese black and white Tetsuo the Iron Man film, the Bane character from Batman Dark Knight films, the Cyberdog logo.

The project was passed on to others in the no budget film crew art department when I left as was offered full time paid work with long travel times which would not allow sufficient time to continue working on the project, plus no resources or budget was given so all involved were using their own materials paid from own pocket which could not be afforded any more.
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