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TV / Film and Video Work / Appearances

TV / Film and Video Work

Mostly film extra work, presenter and gameshow appearances I have been on television and in films numerous times.

Presenter Course Day
Video CV

At the Presenter Course this was my own scripted video piece.

Wanting to avoid the, "Im dull and bland just talking to camera' video CV I decided to video my script green screen videos at the Presenter course then add music, stock video, own video footage and back drops, graphics and edit something a bit more exciting and more me.

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Presenter Course Day
Autocue Reading

At the Presenter Course this was the autocue reading section video piece. I added in the backdrop.

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Presenter Course Day
Co Presenting

3D creative design work carried out and learned at Creative Media Skills art dept training centre at Pinewood Studios.

So far have done the Prop Making Essentials and Miniature Model Making courses taught by Leigh and daughter Lauren Took of Mattes & Miniatures Visual Effects Ltd.
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Gameshow Apperances

A list of the gameshows I have appeared in. The footage is harder to come by in most of the cases as not told when the videos will be aired or due to copyright issues. These include Total Wipeout.

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Film Extra / Background Acting

I have been a supporting Artist / Film Extra / Background Actor since 1998. This page includes 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' appearances and a feature in a music video.In addition to many costume photos.

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News Feature During
Special Effects Course

A news feature films as I was on a special effects course at what was then FX Training at Any Effects in the 90s. Got to blow up and shoot up cars and dummies, amongst other activities.
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