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Merlin's Armoury - The Claw (Predecessor to Decimator)

The Claw

This was one of the earliest LARP weapons I designed for Merlin’s Armoury and one of the most unusual. It actually proved very effective as well.

Based the twin bladed weapon from the film Predator and a claw weapon system I saw on the cover of 70s ninja videos, this was to be a secondary weapon system.

The claw was to be used in a manner that would confuse regular players but, its primary purpose was to disarm opponents by trapping the weapon they were using between its blades and thrusting more like a fencing weapon.

Predominantly small angle  rapid movements and thrusting, from the wrist as soon as the opponents weapon is caught between the blades it can be twisted out of the opponents hand, pulled away from them or down opening them out to the users primary weapon.

This was discontinued as the original was controlled by a glove attached to a mini-shield where the blades joined. Whilst this gave the user a high degree of movement it also meant the weapon could not be released should the user fall and it dog in the ground risking sprains or broken wrists.

The concept was mothballed till used as the basis of the Decimator.
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