Concepts - CAD & Sketch Project Development

 This section lists concept projects. Often short time unfunded projects, quick cheap and nasty projects, jury rigged problem solving, project development and solving design issues, quotes, job interview assignments, concepts that did not continue to full development, ideas from university that required massive budgets to develop. Many will be continued at later dates if funding and resources and payment come in but all provided opportunities to showcase and practice abilities in ideation, sketch, CAD, prototype development.

Click the images to see the projects in more detail or just go through the dropdown menu.

Squirt Pursuit

Basic concepts for a water blasting children's board game used to showcase CAD skills for a job interview with Habro with a couple of days prep time. CAD software used was Solidworks with Keyshot rendering.

Evil Henchman Muzzle Prop Development

Sketch ideation with some basic prototyping for an evil sinister henchman's muzzle for a character in a no budget horror movie where I quit when found full time paid work. The project was passed on for others to continue.

Mad Science Machine Prop Concept

Sketch development for a budget film prop similar o those seen in mad scientists garages.
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