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Creative Media Skills runs art department courses in Pinewood studios in Art Department areas like Props, Prosthetics, Model Making Set Design and Costume. Unlike other courses the tutors are veterans with decades of professional special effects and prop work in movies from Star Wars and Kingsman to Blade Runner. The tutors here were Leigh and Lauren Took Mattes and Minatures Visual Effects Ltd.

This is some of the work I did on the  Miniature Model Making course.

Model Making Miniatures Course Work : Ships Graveyard Model

This was the second course done at Creative Media Skills where the group split into factions to build either a rough downtown industrial ghetto or an underwater ships graveyard. I tried to get involved with both but ended up being able to supply lots of materials to help the downtown group but working on elements for the ship graveyard project.
I moulded much of the debris for the miniature set, (Excluding the Figurehead, money piles and skeletons) silicon mould making and resin fast casting. Sections of the floor rock formations made from polystyrene blocks, adding sand, faux greenery and plant life, sculpting weapons for casting and positioning the first model ship.  


Inspiration came from various films but in particular the ship graveyard scene in the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ .


Development for the team started with looking at scenes of ships graveyard in films, looking at the ship models purchased in car boot sales then Leigh Took and the rest of our group sketched some ideas before blocking our where parts would go with polystyrene.

The polystyrene blocks were formed by hand, hand tools and hot wire cutters to shape, painted and faux plant like added whilst the rest of use worked on debris to the scene. Items were sculpted by hand in clay or various items before being silicon moulded, fast cast and painted, finished off with dirty down sprays. 

As the sections were assembled in the studio set the debris were added with sand, water lighting, smoke and more faux plant life creating false perspective.

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