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Latest Update News on This Web Portfolio

Latest Website Update News

by Chris Rose 11 Jan, 2018
•    More horror effects makeup
•    Lots of University Project work in the product / gadget design section.
•    Textile work
•    Model Making projects
•    The Decimator in detail including testing videos. In the meantime see the design report.
•    More about me.
•    Lists of film extra work
•    Currently working on section.
•    More…
by Chris Rose 11 Jan, 2018
As said this website is still being constructed as fast as I can working around the clock late into the night.

What happened was that earlier in the year my web host was going to change over £260 for the year which was pretty steep considering others were charging a couple of pounds a month. I closed the hosting account, downloaded the site and perfectly timed my laptop hard drive failed completely before I had the chance to back it up. This also held much of my creative and certainly the last few months work at model making and art department course at Creative Media Skills. It took me a couple of months to recover the data and the recovery software just grouped it all into file types with numbers, no file or folder names, along with many different quality , size and versions as also recovered deleted files.

Just when I got going making a new website, my monitor failed and took till Christmas to replace. I am now trying to rebuild this new portfolio website as fast as possible, working well into the night.

Lots of sections are now up there may still be links not working properly or uncleared copies or spare link buttons up (ie3rd one accross. Most should be fine.
by Chris Rose 11 Jan, 2018
The resume is more skilled based and list the most relevant work rather than a chronological style. Most skills I have are from courses and own project work not employment.
by Chris Rose 11 Jan, 2018
Have updated the video section, still have lots for effects makeup ad projects. In particular I need to add university projects.

Have film extra work tomorrow and currently filling i application form for the BFI Future Skill Program
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