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Prop & Modelmaking Coursework

Prop Making Essentials

My LARP prop weapons designed and created under the name Merlin's Armoury whilst in college, with fibre glass core structures contained in Plastazote foam and latex skins for mock combat fantasy game use and theatrical props.  A variety of swords, axes, maces and more exotic items.
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Creative Media Skills Courses

Creative Media Skills is an industry training organisation in Pinewood Studios that specialises in art department skill short courses such as Prop Design, Model Making, Prosthetics, Costume, Wigs and Special Effects.

Introduced to deal with a skills shortage in the industry, what makes it stand out are that all courses are taught, not by academic teachers but by long term industry professionals have been responsible for some of the top physical special effects, props, makeup, sets in the movie industry building reputations over decades with films including some of the Star Wars films, Kingsmen, Stardust, Batman and the Chronicles of Narnia etc.

I have completed two of their courses training under Leigh Took or Mattes and Miniatures Visual Effects Ltd and his Daughter Lauren. The entry level ‘Prop Making Essentials’ and ‘Miniature Model Making’ courses. Having purchased materials and hope to start practicing skills taught on the course soon such as casting, mould making, model making and miniature set design.

Please click on the course 'View More' buttons or images either side to see what I did on the course and skills learned.

Please also click the links below to learn more about Creative Media Skills and Leigh Took's company Mattes and Minatures Visual Effects Limited. I have also added a IMDB link to Leigh Tooks Page.

Miniature Modelmaking

3D creative design work carried out and learned at Creative Media Skills art dept training centre at Pinewood Studios.

So far have done the Prop Making Essentials and Miniature Model Making courses taught by Leigh and daughter Lauren Took of Mattes & Miniatures Visual Effects Ltd.
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