CMS - Prop Making Essentials

Creative Media Skills Prop Making Essentials Course

Creative Media Skills runs art department courses in Pinewood studios in Art Department areas like Props, Prosthetics, Model Making Set Design and Costume. Unlike other courses the tutors are veterans with decades of professional special effects and prop work in movies from Star Wars and Kingsman to Blade Runner. The tutors here were Leigh and Lauren Took from Mattes and Miniatures Visual Effects Ltd. These were some of the props made on the Prop Making Essentials Course. The tools were made with 2 part silicon moulds made during the week, backed with fibreglass and cast in gun foam. The Egg was first attempt to fast cast using their silicon mould. I then did the paining on all three.

Dragon Sculpt Mould and Fast Cast

The dragon was a first use of Plastaline to sculpt, silicon mould then fast cast the sculpt. This was done in an afternoon and early morning.

Would have liked more time to work on the face and head but needed to get on with other course elements.

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